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Title: “The Friendship Club”
Author: Robyn Carr
Type: Adult Fiction
Summary: “Celebrity cooking show host Marni McGuire has seen it all. She’s been married–twice–and widowed and divorced. Now in her mid-fifties, she’s single. Happily so. She just needs to convince her pregnant daughter, Bella, of this fact. And maybe convince herself, too. Especially after Marni’s efforts to humor her determined daughter result in a series of disastrous dates that somehow prompt Marni to wonder if maybe the right man for her is still out there after all. Similarly single, Marni’s best friend and colleague is confident she’s content without a man, but both older women soon find themselves leading by example as the young intern on their show appears caught in a toxic relationship, and Bella reveals her own marriage maybe isn’t built to withstand the stresses of the baby on the way. Suddenly, all four women find themselves at a crossroads, each navigating the challenges of dating, marriage, loneliness and love. Thankfully, they have each other to lean on. The realities of modern love are far from easy, but there’s no better group to have in your corner than friends who will lift you up, no matter what, and hold fast in the face of any storm” –Provided by publisher.

Title: “Uncommon Cargo”
Jason Nulton
Non Fiction
Summary: “In April 1975, Saigon was a dangerous place. American forces had left Vietnam two years prior, and the northern and southern governments were functioning as two independent countries following the Paris Peace Accords of 1973. But peace wouldn’t last. By the early months of 1975, northern communist forces had begun making their way violently southward to depose the American-backed South Vietnamese government and “unify” the country. Knowing his family could face imprisonment or execution if they stayed, Chau Tan Nguyen, a 40-year old lieutenant colonel and C-130 pilot in the South Vietnamese Air Force, hatched a daring plan to save his family – his wife, Mai, their 3-year-old daughter Truc, 18-month-old son Trung, Mai’s parents, Hong and Dat, and Mai’s three younger brothers, Son, Dzung, and Tuan. Uncommon Cargo is based on the true story of the Nguyen family’s harrowing race against time to escape South Vietnam and reach freedom. It would not be without heartache, tragedy, and despair, but it is also a story of love, strength of family, and raw determination. Much has been written about the American war experience in Vietnam, but precious little chronicles the lives of the Vietnamese families who survived it. Uncommon Cargo is the incredible story of one that did” – Page 4 of the cover

Title: “Shatter Me”
Tahereh Mafi
Type: Young Adult

Summary: “Ostracized or incarcerated her whole life, seventeen-year-old Juliette is freed on the condition that she use her horrific abilities in support of The Reestablishment, a postapocalyptic dictatorship, but Adam, the only person ever to show her affection, offers hope of a better future.”

Title: “How to Catch a Leprechaun”
Adam Wallace
Summary: “A crafty leprechaun shares all the ways children have tried and failed to catch him.”

Full List: February 2024

Missing Persons James Patterson AF Pat
A Season of Harvest Lauraine Snelling AF Sne 4
Double Take Lynette Eason AF Eas 1
The Friendship Club Robyn Carr AF Car
Random In Death J.D. Robb AF Rob
Slow Heat in Heaven & Mirror Image Sandra Brown AF Bro
Grumpy Monkey Valentine Gross-Out Suzanne Lang Easy Lan
Far Haven DVD DVD Fic Far
The Bad Weather Friend Dean Koontz AF Koo
No One Can Know Kate Alice Marchall AF Mar
One in a Million Janet Dailey AF Dai 1
The Bullet Swallower Elizabeth Gonzalez James AF Jam
Healing the Mountain Man’s Heart Misty M Beller AF Bel 1
Highroller’s Man Ray Hogan LP AF Hog
Sea Glass from the Past Kay Correll AF Cor 8
Shelter From The Storm RaeAnne Thayne AF Tha
Her Place In Time Stephenia H McGee AF McG
Little Blue Truck’s Valentine Alice Schertle Easy Sch
This Passing Hour Leslie Gould LP AF Gou
Trust The Stars Tricia Goyer LP AF Goy
Riders Across The Border Jackson Gregory LP AF Gre
The Wolf That Rode Nelson Nye LP AF Nye
Serpent’s Bite James Clay LP AF Cla
Concho Valley Barry Cord  LP AF Cor
The Letter Tree Rachel Fordham LP AF For
To Hell and Gone Charles G West LP AF Wes 1
House of Flame and Shadow Sarah J Maas Maa 3
Shadows House 1 Somato YA Som
Shadows House 2 Somato YA Som
Shadows House 3 Somato YA Som
The Man With Two Arms Billy Lombardo AF Lom
In His Eyes Stephenia H McGee AF McG
The Heart’s Shelter Amy Clipston AF Cli 4
The Women Kristin Hannah AF Han
The Teacher Freida McFadden AF McF
All My Secrets Lynn Austin AF Aus
Twemty-seven Minutes Ashley Tate AF Tat
If We Ever Meet Again Ana Huang AF Hua 1
If We Were Perfect Ana Huang AF Hua 4
If Love Had a Price Ana Huang AF Hua 3
If The Sun Never Sets Ana Huang AF Hua 2
Bride Ali Hazelwood AF Haz
Lonesome Dove Larry McMurtry AF McM
Heart Less Elsie Silver AF Sil 2
Fear Less Elsie Silver AF Sil 1
She’s Up To No Good Sara Goodman Confino AF Con
Don’t Forget To Write Sara Goodman Confino AF Con
The Woman Who Inherited Trouble C.K. Crigger LP AF Cri 5
Frontier Overland Company William W Johnstone and JA Johnstone LP AF Joh 1
Thanksgiving DVD DVD Fic Tha
Vengeance Rise of the Footsoldier DVD DVD Fic Ven
Warbonnet Creek E.E. Halleran LP AF Hal
Love’s True Calling  Lori Dejong LP AF Dej 1
High, Wide and  Handsome Curt Brandon LP AF Bra
West of Railhead Dwight Bennett LP AF Ben
Influencers Dav Pilkey EF Pil 5
Collaborations Dav Pilkey EF Pil 4
This Book is Perfect! Ron Keres Easy Ker
Grumpy Monkey Spring Fever Suzanne Lang Easy Lan
Grumpy Monkey Don’t Be Scared Suzanne Lang Easy Lan
Five Nights at Freddy’s: Fazbear FrightsGraphic Novel Collection Vol. 3 Scott Cawthon YA Caw 3
Five Nights at Freddy’s: Fazbear Frights Graphic Novel Collection Vol. 4 Scott Cawthon YA Caw 4
Shatter Me Tahereh Mafi YA Maf 1
Unravel Me Tahereh Mafi YA Maf 2
Ignite Me Tahereh Mafi YA Maf 3
Restore Me Tahereh Mafi YA Maf 4
Defy Me Tahereh Mafi YA Maf 5
Imagine Me Tahereh Mafi YA Maf 6
Hideaway Penelope Douglas AF Dou 2
Home To Texas Todunter Ballard LP AF Bal
The Disappearing Act: The Impossible Case of MH370 Florence De Changy 363.1246 Cha
Big Kids Don’t Get Butterflies Creece Kelley Easy Kel
How to Catch a Leprechaun Adam Wallace Easy Wal
Inspirational Baseball Stories for Young Readers John J Lewis E 796.357 Lew
Collide Bal Khabra AF Kha 1
I Am Curious! Kelly Greenawalt Easy Gre
Big Tooth! Jenny Jinks Easy Jin
Beaver Bev Megan Borgert-Spaniol Easy Bor
Bad Food: Live and Let Fry Eric Luper EF Lup 4
The Reindeer Keeper Believe Again… Barbara Briggs Ward AF War
Ronda Rousey Alex Monnig E 92 Rou
The Unicorn With The Candy Corn Horn Jason M Burns Easy Bur
Backstreet Boys 30th Anniversary Celebration Karah-Leigh Hancock 780.2 Han
The Math Book Karl Warsi, contributing editor 510.9 Mat
Kittens Are Monsters! Susan Tan EF Tan 3
Step Into Reading: Be You! B.B. Arthur Easy Art
Eat the Weeds “Green Deane” Jordan 581.6 Jor
The Champions of Camouflage Jean-Phillipe Noel & Biosphoto 591.472 Noe
Religion of Sports Gotham Chopra and Joe Levin 248.8 Cho
The Universe Matthew Brenden Wood 523.1 Woo
Artist’s Drawing Techniques Lucy Philpott, Project Editor 741.2 Art
The Three Little Superpigs Merry Christmas! Claire Evans Easy Eva
The Science Behind…Gymnastics Alix Wood E 796.44 Woo
The Stinky Sphinx Jason M Burns EF Bur
Blitzed: Drugs in the Third Reich Norman Ohler 362.29 Ohl
Distance Luna Mason AF Mas 1
Crosshairs James Patterson and James O Born AF Pat
Fangirl Down Tessa Bailey AF Bai
The Summer Book Club Susan Mallery AF Mal
The Phoenix Crown Kate Quinn and Janie Chang AF Qui
Dude, Where’s My Car? DVD DVD Fic Dud
Hypnotic DVD DVD Fic Hyp
Priscilla DVD DVD Fic Pri
The Hunger Games:The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes DVD DVD Fic Hun
The Marvels DVD DVD Fic Mar
The Mistake Elle Kennedy AF Ken 2
The Score Elle Kennedy AF Ken 3
The Goal Elle Kennedy AF Ken 4
The Legacy Elle Kennedy AF Ken 1
All About Butterflies Karen Latchana Kenney E 595.78 Ken
The Disney Book: A Celebration of the Worlds of Disney Jim Fanning  & Tracey Miller-Zarneke 384.809794 Fan
Gogo: The Mountain Gorilla Beverly Jatwani Easy Jat 4
Atomic Habits James Clear 155.24 Clea
You’ve Reached Sam Dustin Thao YA Tha
Hidden Pictures Jason Rekulak AF Rek
The Good Luck Book Heather Alexander E 398.4 Ale
Guinness World Records 2024 Guiness E 031 Gui
Bite, Sting, Kill! Julie Beer E 591.6 Bee
Fly Guy’s Ninja Christmas Tedd Arnold Easy Arn
Uncommon Cargo Jason Nulton 959.704 Nul
The White Flag William Ryan AF Rya