Updated 01/05/2022

The Dora B. Woodyard Memorial Library subscribes to the Library Bill of Rights as adopted by the American Library Association and its subsequent amendments. This document reads, in part: “As a responsibility of library service, books and other library materials selected should be chosen for values of interest, information and enlightenment of all the people of the community.” We realize that everyone’s tastes are different, and that it is our responsibility to provide materials on a multitude of subjects and viewpoints, in many styles.

            If you honestly feel that a book or other item in our collection does not belong in the library of a free society, we invite you to fill out the Reconsideration of Material Form and leave it at the front desk. The desk clerk will see that it is given to the library director, who will be in touch with you regarding your complaint.

            The Dora B. Woodyard Memorial Library believes in the rights of a free press guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America. We further believe that the parents of a child are the only people who should be allowed to monitor the reading, watching or listening activities of that child. Conversely, we believe that it is every parent’s duty to monitor his/her child’s activity, and that this is not the prerogative of the library.

            The library board will hear both the complainant’s position and the director’s position at its next regularly scheduled meeting and come up with a decision by majority vote. The library board is the final authority.